Amici Elettronici is a team focused on blockchain technology and the development of smart contract functionality for rural community application. 

          Our aim is to support small scale sustainable farmers, market gardeners and other independent rural or agricultural workers throughout the Italian Peninsula, and beyond, by providing a platform which enables them to easily access the world of decentralized finance to support themselves and their communities.

          Phase one (2022) of Amici Elettronici’s DECENTRALATIO project consists of an online platform for producers and consumers to access and easily draw up immutable and decentralized smart contracts for free and fair economic exchange.

          Phase two (2023) of DECENTRALATIO will enable staking functions as an agricultural project catalyst to help fund independent agricultural initiatives around the world, and will see the project’s Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

          Phase three will focus on community funding for agricultural projects, NFT, tracked shipping, and IOT hardware implementation to help growers earn rewards.
Eventually, Decentralatio will help develop a growing Cryptourism industry where particular tokens will be exchanged for real world experiences in Italy and beyond.

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Amici Elettronici
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